OTTAWA -- The '24-Hour Tremblant' is a chance to hit the slopes, run, or walk in support of organizations like CHEO.

This year, because of COVID-19, the event has adapted and expanded; you can now take part in your home, or do any activity. Fundraising efforts help children like nine-year-old Emanuel Gumpert-Bell.

He has multiple health issues, and at last year’s event he hit the slopes with the help of expert skiers at Mont-Tremblant using a specially designed sled. It is something which touched his mother, Andrea Gumpert.

"To see my son for the very first time on skis - that I never imagined in my wildest dreams that he’d ever have a chance to do was incredible," said Gumpert

Dreams that were made possible by CHEO even before Emanuel was born; when his mom was 8-months pregnant. The family suffered a tragedy,

"We lost our first child, Etienne - he had a fall in his home daycare, and died a few days later. We were introduced to Roger Neilson House for bereavement. We benefit from a number of services from CHEO and specifically from Roger Nielson House; respite, we have a volunteer that comes to our house."

Shortly after Emanuel was born, the couple noticed things were different compared to their first son. Once again, the family needing the care of CHEO just months later.

"At about four months with Emanuel we were starting to suspect that things were not developing like his older brother, and we were re-introduced to Roger Neilson house," said Gumpert.

Emanuel continues to have multiple health issues, and David Bell says the family counts on CHEO and Roger Neilson House, not only for medical care, but support for their son.

"They’re able to pick up changes because of those frequent visits and help us adjust his care," said Bell.

And those organizations count on the support and fundraising of events like '24-hour Tremblant.' Teams raise money, and spend 24-hours walking, running, or skiing.

Lydia Blanchard of the CHEO Foundation explains that this year, the event has adapted to COVID-19 and has expanded - It’s now taking place anywhere.

"Walk, run, or ski for 24-hours in their local ski resort that they would usually go to," said Blanchard.

Blanchard says it’s now open to any activity.

"Whether they want to try and do a relay around their office building or their own neighbourhood," said Blanchard.

Even laps at the swimming pool.

"We’re definitely keeping the spirit of the event alive, by having that team building-focus and that fundraising focus, so that the impact is still there, and so that the charities that benefit from the event will still be supported by the community."

24-Hour Tremblant has kicked off, and continues to run until the first weekend of December. To sign up, head to the event’s webpage

To donate directly to the CHEO Foundation, visit their website