The city’s planning committee has approved applications that could lead to dramatic growth in Riverside South.

The plans call for more than 2,000 homes on former farmland between River and Spratt Roads, south of Earl Armstrong.

Riverside South Development Corporation, a partnership between Richcraft and Urbandale, plans to build about 1,350 homes in the area. Claridge wants to build 737 homes.

If the plan is approved, there will also be a special development fee set and money from that will be used to help pay for the LRT extension that will see the Trillium Line come directly to Riverside South. Councillor Carol Anne Meehan says it would also go to parks, schools and roads.

“The city needs to up that fee and the developers are quite aware of that but they benefit from having LRT coming in so that cost will be rolled into the cost of a home,” says Meehan.

There’s one more step before this project gets the green light—approval by council. The vote is scheduled for next Wednesday.