10-year-old Chloe Lachance is lucky to be alive. She was attacked by an aggressive dog Tuesday night during a family birthday party. " If my dad wasn't there to save me I'd probably be dead... he's my hero," says Chloe.

She was playing in a backyard in Ottawa's south end last night during the party.  The dog, a dogo Argentino, suddenly lunged at her. Biting her arm and back. Chloe might need reconstructive surgery.

The dog, named Romeo, was being baby-sat at the house. When its owner learned of the attack he voluntarily agreed to have the dog put down.

It took 3 people to wrestle the dog off of Chloe, including her father who covered his daughter with his own body to prevent further wounds.

The 'do go argentino' is a large muscular breed, bigger than a pitbull. It was bred for big-game hunting.  It's banned in countries like Australia

Ottawa bylaw is investigating. If it is found the dog attack was unprovoked the owner could face charges.