Day after Game 3. The Ottawa Senators are in a hole so deep, they may not be able to dig out of it. Here's why...

Goaltending: Brian Elliott seemed lost in Game 3. He's streaky. It's not a good sign when he delivers a stinker when the pressure is the highest.

It was a game the Senators almost had to win. Elliott didn't face many shots. When there were tough saves to be made, he couldn't deliver. Marc Andre Fleury in the Pittsburgh net won a cup last year. Enough said.

History: The Senators have never in their history recovered from a 2-1 series deficit. Seems almost impossible but it's true.

Yes, it's a different set of players each year. But Alfredsson, Phillips, Fisher...the leaders on the team, have been there forever. Can't ignore history.

Best Players: Crosby, Malkin. No question, they are Pittsburgh's best players. It shows on the ice.

Regin....who else for Ottawa? The rookie thrust into frontline play has been Ottawa's best. Daniel Alfredsson is beginning to look more and more like Gretzky in his final years. Alfredsson still has the smarts and the heart. But the jump that was a big part of his game is missing. Gretzky was 38 when he retired. Alfredsson will be 38 later this year. Age catches up to all of us.

No the Senators aren't done. Win game four, the series is tied. But they still have to win another game in Pittsburgh to take the series. They've made it difficult on themselves.

- Terry