The McGuinty Liberals are being accused of showing the door to a couple of government watchdogs who’ve put pressure on the government over the last five years.

The man who exposed scandal at Ontario Lottery and Gaming and pulled the curtain back on waste and mismanagement at the Municipal Property Assessment Corportation willl not have his term renewed.

Andre Marin’s five-year term as Ombudsman is coming to an end and the government is looking for a new one. Gord Miller, the environmental commissioner, is also going to be replaced.

The opposition says it’s a clear signal the government is running scared from both men, who have repeatedly nailed the government for waste and mismanagement at some of the most high-profile government agencies and ministries. 

The government insists it’s not a deliberate ploy and that the positions have traditionally been five-year terms.

Marin’s investigative techniques as ombudsman have become world-renowned and have been taught in other countries.