An American gaming craze is moving up to Ontario as the province will soon be running a midday draw.

The Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation will be running a daily 2 p.m. draw for games like Keno, Encore and a new Pick 2 lottery starting June 5.

These draws will go along with their usual 9 p.m. draw.

"I agree with that because somebody has a chance to win the first and second game," said Kay Walterfield, who buys lottery tickets twice a week. "One is enough for sure . . . People are spending their money which they don't need."

"The draws are more cut and short so it will drive more customers to the store," said store owner Zuber Abdurahman. "People will have an option of getting a double draw in a single day. So you'll be a little richer than you are whenever you walk into the store."

The OLG said the new draw will give customers more choice and make more money.

"OLG is always looking for new games and ways to better serve our customers, and to generate additional revenues for the province of Ontario," they said in a statement.

However, some consumers said it's an opportunity to lose more as well.

"It would also be two chances to lose money too," said lottery player Ross Scott.

Dallas Smith counsels older adults with gaming addictions and said the afternoon draws are targeting the elderly.

"Having something to do during the day that's gambling related is often what gets them into trouble," he said. "Providing another venue to gamble in the daytime, I worry about some of the older adults."

With a report from CTV Ottawa's John Hua