Starting Sunday, April 22, OC Transpo will roll out its new spring schedule.

There will be additional buses on several routes, and reduced service on some routes that have fewer seasonal riders.

The Rack & Roll program that runs from spring to fall will also be back, with bike racks available on close to 500 buses.

Spring service changes include two-way service on route 93 and extended connections to Lincoln Fields Station.

In Barrhaven South, route 177 will be extended to Fallowfield Station during morning rush hours.

Buses will run more often on Stittsville's route 96 during the evening and late night hours.

Downtown, route 16X between King Edward and the Rideau Centre will change allowing for better access to Rideau Street.

Route 169 will no longer exist. Instead, OC Transpo will replace it with new route 181 and add trips to route 93.

More trips will also be added to routes: 16, 93, 94, 95, 96, 134, 143, and 144.

Several other routes will have schedules adjusted. City officials suggest some of these changes will benefit customers by allowing more options for connecting to other routes.

The problem of packed buses is expected to be eased when some of the articulated buses are reassigned to routes known for overcrowding.

As the end of the university's academic year approaches, adjustments will also be made to routes 4, 111, 129 and the O-Train which service Carleton University. The U-Pass for university students expires April 30; new ones will not be available until the new academic year begins at the end of the summer.

The 600 series buses are also being adjusted to match ridership levels.

OC Transpo riders are advised to check their routes online to see if they will be impacted. Schedule information is available 24 hours a day by calling 613-560-1000. Anyone with questions should call 613-741-4390.