A website that will show what tracking is taking place on every website you visit and how to take measures to reduce the tracking if you desire
Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic.The site offers a vast library of information and advice on privacy issues and the internet.
A website where you can download free software to clean out cookies.
Canadian Privacy Commission a quiz on privacy issues plus the site has many more links on protecting your privacy.
Canadian Privacy Commission discussion report on need for changes to privacy laws.
2009 study on how young people are targeted by advertisers in online world
American discussion site on Do Not Track technology
US based Electronic Frontier Foundation
American advertising association with information and downloads including a tracker block program and one to show who is tracking you on various websites.
Canadian ad industry information site on ID theft.
Canadian ad industry position paper on targeted advertising techniques and principles.
US marketing research firm. You register with them and they will show you the basics of what they know about you based on your computer
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 privacy details
Google's privacy page where you can learn more and set some restrictions
Firefox privacy page