You earn them with every dollar you charge on your credit card, but what is the best way to spend your credit card points?

"Hands down, the best value for your miles is an airline ticket," said Chris Fichera, an analyst from Consumer Reports. "The way we calculated the value is to compare the miles you spend to the actual cost of the item."

But some credit cards force you to use more points to cash in.

For example, flying from Ottawa to Vancouver this fall will cost around $500.

If you're an RBC Avion Visa customer, that flight will force you to cash in about 35, 000 points, making them worth about 1.5 cents each.

Still using credit card points on airline tickets seems to be the wisest choice.

"Buying merchandise with points or miles is generally a worse deal," said Fichera. "One flat screen TV can cost more than 78, 000 points."

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Michael O'Byrne