Television Advertising

In the eyes of potential advertisers, television suffers from a preconceived misunderstanding that production and placement costs are excessive. In reality, commercials start at under $100 for off-prime placement. Prime time exposure pricing varies by program and provides a very competitive opportunity for advertisers to reach a mass audience with an investment comparable to other mediums.

The Power of Television

Television is an intrusive medium. Viewers make a conscious decision to invite us into their home. Your message is delivered to a very attentive viewer in an environment of comfort. Television is a mass medium that offers the advertiser the opportunity to achieve frequent massive reach. According to the Spring 2011 BBM survey, the local CTV News team have a quarter hour average of 132,700 viewers.* Imagine a sold out Ottawa Senators game... X 7, all watching your message in the comfort of their own home.

Viewers share their attention with very little else while watching television. They have decided to be entertained or informed and as a result very receptive to the message. Add to this, CTV offers advertisers the power of massive reach, sight, sound, motion and emotion. The impact of advertising on CTV is incredible and leaves a lasting impression. As an exercise, ask a friend or co-worker what their favourite commercial is. More often than not the reply will be in the form of a television commercial versus radio, print or bus boards. While all forms of advertising have some merit, the power of television is extreme.

Radio is a frequency vehicle that delivers your message to an audience base attracted by the stations programming. Using "theatre of the mind," radio offers the advertiser an audible opportunity to communicate a message to consumers. With the many formats available, radio provides a limited yet loyal audience based on listener tastes - tastes that are as large in numbers as the formats found on the Ottawa radio dial. Country, rock, classic rock, news, sports, top 40, oldies, whatever...

Print allows advertisers to communicate details, listing model numbers, condition of sale and pictures of products.

I'm interested in knowing more but...

You don't have to wait for your planning stage to learn more about advertising on CTV. With no obligation or expectation, we welcome the opportunity to provide you a sample schedule, script and production quote. Generally speaking it takes about 30 minutes of your time.

Web Advertising is an exceptional opportunity to get the most from your media mix.

Community based content including local news, weather, traffic maps, local events calendar and lottery numbers.

More video than any other Ottawa site puts at the forefront of broadband delivery all commercial units and branding link to an online destination of your choice, whether that's the home page of your site, a targeted destination within your site - or to a contest, promotion or feature we've produced for your campaign.

DART delivery

Our cost-efficient, flexible packages deliver your message in a format tailored to your strategy. DART ensures accurate targeting of your message, even pacing, and detailed dynamic reporting.

It also means that your creative pool is unlimited - you can have several versions of creative in play at any time, and fine-tune that pool for highest efficiency and maximum yield.

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Quality environment

Intuitive navigation makes it easy to get around within our attractive, uncluttered environment.  Audience appreciates our timely journalism from a crack-shot Ottawa based production team.  That team not only originates content - but aggregates it from all CTV and affiliated network assets to provide our local audience with the best, most informative coverage you'll find anywhere online. Interactive sales is a function of CTV Ottawa's broadcast marketing group. Our top-drawer creative team will conceive, produce, and execute your broadcast-driven online contest, promotion or feature to meet on your strategic objectives.

Let's talk about how can deliver on YOUR next campaign.

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Sandra Bonnell
Retail Sales Manager
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*(Adults 18+ Spring 2011 BBM, Ottawa Gatineau extended market)